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FREE AP World History Presentations Homepage

Cate O'Donnell

2 min read

Oct 2, 2023




Are you studying for the AP World History test? Do you need help with the AP World History Class? This is where you can find information about all of the topics you need to know about! Don’t see something you need? Leave a comment, and we will add it!

Unit 1:The Global Tapestry

Developments in East Asia from 1200 to 1450 

Developments in Dar al-Islam from 1200 to 1450 

Developments in South and Southeast Asia from 1200 to 1450

State Building in the Americas 

State Building in Africa 

Developments in Europe from 1200 to 1450

Unit 1 Downloadable Google Slides

Unit 2: Networks of Exchange (1200 – 1450)

The Silk Roads

The Mongol Empire

The Indian Ocean Trading Network

The Trans-Saharan Trade Routes

The Effects of Cross-Cultural Interactions

Environmental Consequences of Connectivity

Comparison of Economic Exchange

Unit 2 Downloadable Google Slides

Unit 3: Land-Based Empires (1450 – 1750)

Empires Expand

Empires: Administration

Empires: Belief Systems

Comparison in Land-Based Empires

The Manchu Qing Dynasty

The Mughal Empire

The Ottoman Empire

The Safavid Empire

Unit 3 Downloadable Google Slides

Unit 4: Transoceanic Interconnections (1450 – 1750)

Technological Innovations Between 1450 and 1750

Exploration: Causes and Events from 1450 to 1750

Columbian Exchange

Maritime Empires Established

Maritime Empires Maintained and Developed

Internal and External Challenges to State Power

Changing Social Hierarchies

Continuity and Change

Unit 4 Downloadable Google Slides

Unit 5: Revolutions (1750 – 1900)

The Enlightenment

Nationalism and Revolutions

The Industrial Revolution Begins

The Industrial Revolution Spreads

Technology and the Industrial Age

Industrialization: Government's Role

Economic Developments and Innovations

Reactions to the Industrial Economy

Society and the Industrial Age

Continuity and Change in the Industrial Age

Unit 5 Downloadable Google Slides

Unit 6: Consequences of Industrialization (1750 – 1900)

Rationales for Imperialism

State Expansion

Indigenous Responses to State Expansion

Global Economic Development

Economic Imperialism

Causes of Migration in an Interconnected World

Effects of Migration

Causation in an Imperial Age

Unit 6 Downloadable Google Slides

Unit 7: Global Conflict (1900 – Present)

Shifting Power after 1900

Causes of World War I

Conducting World War I

Economy in the Interwar Period

Unresolved Tensions After World War I

Causes of World War II

Conducting World War II

Mass Atrocities After 1900

Causation in Global Conflict

Unit 7 Downloadable Google Slides

Unit 8: Cold War and Decolonization (1900 – Present)

Setting the Stage for the Cold War and Decolonization

The Cold War

Effects of the Cold War

Spread of Communism after 1900

Decolonization after 1900

Newly Independent States

Global Resistance to Established Power Structures after 1900

End of the Cold War

Causation in the Age of the Cold War and Decolonization

Unit 8 Downloadable Google Slides

Unit 9: Globalization (1900 – Present)

Advances in Technology and Exchange after 1900

Technological Advances and Limitations after 1900: Disease

Technological Advances: Debates about the Environment after 1900

Economics in the Global Age

Calls for Reform and Responses after 1900

Globalized Culture after 1900

Resistance to Globalization after 1900

Institutions Developing in a Globalized World

Continuity and Change in a Globalized World

Unit 9 Downloadable Google Slides

AP World History Homepage

Cate O'Donnell

2 min read

Oct 2, 2023




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