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Second Grade Phonics Program: Week 16

Cate O'Donnell

2 min read

Dec 5, 2023




This week is a review week for phonics. Students will review the following spelling patterns: ar, er, ir, ou, ow, ee, ea, ai, and ay. There will also be other review patterns in multisyllabic words. Usually, these review slides would be a part of the weekly phonics routine, but this week, we are only reviewing, so there aren’t review worksheets and activities. You can pull activities from previous weeks.

You can get the weekly phonics routine at Teachers Pay Teachers.

One of the most powerful things we can do to help our students learn how to read and write efficiently is intentional repeated practice. Starting your phonics lesson with a review will help students strengthen their neural connections for decoding and encoding.

You can get slides for every phonics pattern at Teachers Pay Teachers and build your own review slides. But if you are following this phonics sequence, we have built the review slides for you. As a reminder, on Monday, we only review phonics patterns from previous weeks because students will not have learned the current pattern yet. Tuesday through Thursday have slides from both the current phonics pattern and review patterns. There are no slides for Friday because this is saved as an assessment day.

If you present these slides to your students, I recommend making the presentations full screen. You can do this by clicking on the three dots on the lower left-hand side and selecting “enter full screen.”





You can print out the word list to tell your students the word each picture represents.

Word Lists Week 15
Download PDF • 7KB

Phonics Pattern Sequence

Week 1: closed syllables

Week 2: -ck, floss rule

Week 3: cat/kite rule

Week 4: open syllables

Week 5: vce syllables, sounds of s

Week 6: consonant + le with open and closed syllables

Week 7: y as a vowel

Week 8: soft and hard c

Week 9: soft and hard g

Week 10: review

Week 11: long a spelled ai and ay

Week 12: Long e spelled ee and ea

Week 13: ou/ow

Week 14: compound words

Week 15: ar, er, or

Week 16: review

Week 17: ie, high

Week 18: review

Week 19: oa, oe, ow

Week 20: oi, oy

Week 21: oo, ue, ui, ew

Week 22: review

Week 23: review

Week 24: ur, ore

Week 25: ch, tch

Week 26: ir, oar

Week 27: review

Week 28: oo, ew

Week 29: r-controlled + consonant le

Week 30: aw, au

Week 31: long oo, short oo

Week 32: final stable syllables: tion and sion

Week 33: long ea, short ea

Week 34: when the letter a makes the short /o/ sound

Week 35: kn, gn, mb

Week 36: review

Second Grade Phonics Review Week 16


Cate O'Donnell

2 min read

Dec 5, 2023




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